Wednesday, August 17, 2011

University of Miami allegations hit Herd assistant

On June 3rd Marshall basketball coach Tom Herrion announced the newest member of his basketball staff, former University of Miami assistant coach Jorge Fernandez. Yesterday, Yahoo Sports released a scathing investigation into Miami’s connections with convicted ponzi scheme operator Nevin Shapiro. The in-depth report details numerous NCAA violations conducted by Miami with the help of Shapiro.

Shapiro alleges that in 2008 Fernandez witnessed multiple Miami football players being entertained by the booster at a Miami night club in his VIP section. Also in 2008, the now convicted felon claims that Fernandez brought AAU basketball coach Moe Hicks to his home and saw Shapiro pay for Hicks drinks later that night at a Miami club. If true, both accusations represent clear NCAA violations.

Yahoo Sports put together a page that specifically deals with Shapiro’s accusations against Fernandez, you can see it here:;_ylt=AsyNC0vG2XoV3aaFQN0xaohPMuB_?slug=ys-jorge_fernandez_allegations

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