Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Marshall Football: Recruiting Territories Defined

Over the weekend Jack Bogaczyk published an article on HerdZone.com about Marshall’s football recruiting ties in Florida. Head coach Doc Holliday has scoured the Sun Shine for nearly three decades, procuring talented players for the Thundering Herd, N.C. State, Florida, and WVU. You can read the whole article here but, Bogaczyk also delved into the recruiting territories of Marshall’s assistant coaches. Using Bogaczyk’s column and a little bit of our own information, we have pieced together the recruiting responsibilities of the Herds staff.

Chuck Heater, Defensive Coordinator/Secondary - Heater will be responsible for expanding Marshall's reach in north Florida, recruiting Tallahassee, Pensacola, and Gainesville. The Herd's new defensive coordinator covered those areas during his time as a assistant with the Florida Gators. Heater will also maintain Marshall's junior college contacts in California.

Alex Mirabal, Offensive Line - A former high school coach in the Sun Shine State, Mirabal will cover Florida's Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Adam Fuller, Linebackers - Also covering Florida, Fuller will mine talent in Tampa Bay continuing south down the Gulf coast to Naples.

J.C. Price, Interior Defensive Line - After recruiting the same areas at JMU, Price has Maryland, Northern Virginia, and that states Tidewater/Hampton Roads region covered for Marshall.

Sean Cronin, Defensive Ends - Cronin will recruit Washington D.C. along with a number of Florida territories, Orlando, Treasure Coast, and the Fort Pierce area.

Bill Legg, Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks - Neighboring Ohio will continue to be Legg's recruiting area.

Mike Furrey, Wide Receivers - An area that has produce a number recruits in the Holliday era, Furrey heads the Thundering Herd's efforts in South Carolina and Charlotte North Carolina.

Todd Hartley, Tight Ends/Recruiting Coordinator - After bring a number of Peach State prospects to Marshall, Hartley will continue to recruit most of Georgia except Atlanta and the states northern region.

Thomas Brown, Running Backs - Brown will recruit the parts of Georgia uncovered by Hartley, Atlanta and the states northern region.

*In addition to their other responsibilities each assistant will also be in charge of a few West Virginia high schools.

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