Thursday, February 6, 2014

Marshall Basketball: Article Paints Troubling Picture of Kane's Time with Herd

Luke Winn’s Sports Illustrated profile of DeAndre Kane provides an eye opening window into the Iowa State basketball players time at Marshall.

In the article, Kane’s former teammates point to incidences of verbal and physical altercations involving the ex-Thundering Herd shooting guard. In one such case, three witnesses confirmed to Winn that Kane punched Robert Goff during a closed scrimmage with Miami (OH) before the ‘11-12 season. Things got so out of control that RedHawks head coach Charlie Coles pulled his team from the floor while Marshall’s staff settled down their squad. Kane denies the altercation ever occurred, but Goff acknowledged the punch as fact.

During a closed scrimmage against Miami (Ohio) in the '11-12 preseason Kane -- according to three witnesses -- became so upset with the way teammate Robert Goff was playing that he punched him in the face, causing RedHawks coach Charlie Coles to pull his squad off the floor while the Marshall staff got the Herd under control. Kane denies punching Goff; Goff acknowledges it happened but blames himself, saying, "I wasn't focusing enough on the game."

The same three witness confirmed another report of Kane tossing a Gatorade bottle at a student manager for allegedly messing up his food order.

The same three witnesses also described an incident on the bus after a March '13 game at Houston, when Kane (who also denies this) threw a nearly full bottle of Gatorade at an undergraduate manager for allegedly screwing up his food order.

Further exasperating matters, Kane’s former teammates told Winn that Marshall head coach Tom Herrion did little to reign in his star player, to the point that one assistant coach threatened to quit if Kane remained with the team.

Because Kane was the leading scorer, teammates said he rarely faced punishment from coach Tom Herrion for his transgressions, which included late arrivals, missed buses and verbal altercations. But Kane clashed so much with coaches and teammates during that season that, according to multiple sources, one assistant coach threatened to leave if Kane wasn't dismissed.

Make sure you read the entire article, it’s not only a great look at Kane, but also Marshall’s basketball program under Herrion.

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